Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day16--an advanced peek!

Well, being here with such a bad connection, I can't even get my pictures to display correctly!  Oh well.....I'm giving you an early DAY 16!   Just click on the picture to watch the video.  You can sometimes buy the little strips to put in these to make the little firecracker "pop", in which case, you just adhere them throughout.  Anyway, enjoy!

Day 10

I'm in Florida right now, and the internet connection is really bad, so I can't upload the video for this, but it is AWESOME!!  It has a little battery operated Tea Light, and looks exactly like a real candle with all of its flickers!  Fabulous, Kim!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


                                                    Love it!  Well done Robbyn!

Day 9 in the Christmas Swap!

We are having a Christmas Swap in our Stampin up! team--we are starting on day 9, and will continue through until Christmas eve.  Hope you like it!  It is so great to open a little surprise every day!  Our team is SO talented!  Wait till you see what's in here!  I've already opened it, and I will show you later today!